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CGEH Advanced (Certified Global Ethical Hacker Advanced) is internationally recognised independent and the most prestige Cyber Security certification.

The Training gives Professionalism with the Training plus Internship Benefits with International Recognsied Certification & Hall of Fame by big MNCs with your own. Upon successful completion the trainees will beawarded with CGEH Completion Certificate.Internship Certificate, Acknowledgements from MNCs like INTEL, Megasoft, ESET etc., 6 Month Experience & Acknowledgement from GIS-Council and also the *CGEH Certified Certificate. We assumes you have no prior knowledge in hacking and by the end of it you'll be able to hack systems like black-hat hackers and secure them like security experts!

"Becoming an ethical hacker is simple but not easy, there are many resources online but lots of them are wrong and outdated, not only that but it is hard to stay up to date even if you already have a background in cyber security. But here with our live projects, things have been simplfied and are crystal clear and are easy to understand."

The CGEH Advanced certification provides the gateway to enter the cyber security domain. Getting into the cyber security requires certifications, and CGEH Advanced is all you need.

This ethical hacking training will introduce the students to an interactive environment where they will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure certain web apps as well as mobile apps. We are giving importance to the live projects as students should learn the latest vulnerabilities present in the web and mobile apps and not the outdated stuffs. They need to be sure that the bugs still has a lot of impact and are necessary to get resolved.

Our CGEH Certification provides basic and advanced concepts of Cyber Security technology. This training emphasises on all topics of Cyber Security such as what is Cyber Security, cyber security goals, types of cyber attacks, types of cyber attackers, technology, e-commerce, policies, digital signature, cyber security tools, security risk analysis, challenges etc and also you will get to know information security systems, IT threats and attacks, threats from malware, sniffing attacks, social engineering attacks, SQL injection, encryption techniques and more.

    Learning Outcomes
  • Thorough introduction to ethical hacking.
  • Phishing & Mobile Hacking
  • Address emerging areas of cloud and mobile hacking.
  • Prepares you to combat Trojans, malware, backdoors and more.
  • Kali Linux with Different Hacks.
  • OWASP Top 10 Brief Live Practises.
  • Bug Bounty with Live Examples.
  • SSL Vulnerabilities.
  • Firewall, UTM, IDS, IPS.
  • Hacking Attacks with Case Studies.
  • Cryptography & Practical Implementation.

The above are just a small description of what we offer. Join us to see for yourself. We would be glad to show you why we are the best among all, the reason behind being the best cyber security company.

Duration & Exam Information:

  • Training: 3 Months
  • Internship: 2-3 Months
  • Lectures: 36
  • Passing Mark: 65%
  • Exam Format: Physical + Online (multiple choice for online exams)
  • Projects: Yes
  • Experience: 6 Months
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