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Source Code Review All security code reviews are a combination of human effort and technology support. At one end of the spectrum is an inexperienced person with a text editor. At the other end of the scale is a security expert with an advanced static analysis tool. Unfortunately, it takes a fairly serious level of expertise to use the current application security tools effectively. Tools can be used to perform this task but they always need human verification. Tools do not understand context, which is the keystone of security code review.

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Source Code Review Checklist

  • Objective based [Purposeful]
  • Unbreakable [Validated]
  • Responses are handled [Error handling and Data formatting]
  • Follows architecture [No design deviation]
  • Unit tested [Reliable]
  • Reusable [No repetition]
  • Performance oriented [Speedy response & Scalability]
  • Secure [Safe code]

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