Software security Assurance

GIS-Council provides risk measurement method for software security vulnerabilities and integrates it to client organization risk management program. Client organization will be prepared to react adequately to emerging internal and external threats and guidelines will be provided for customized mitigation solution prioritization.


Our Mission

Global Information Security Council(GIS COuncil)delivers security solutions that are resilient against known attacks and adapt to a changing threat environment. Our expertise spans several security disciplines including software security, active defense, security assessment, security engineering, firewall design, penetration testing, mobile device security, mobile application security, code review with automated static analysis, security testing in quality assurance, and security testing in production. We ensure that our client's most valuable data is protected wherever it is stored, processed or transmitted, on a wide range of devices, technologies, and architectures.

    • Seamless auto failover of client network to mirrored client cloud network
    • 2-way bidirectional synchronization of desktops, databases, file shares and email
    • Dedicated virtual desktops and server always online and available from anywhere
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OUR Model

We analyze attacks to gain a better understanding of the adversary's tactics and develop innovative security techniques to improve defense. We integrate security in the software development lifecycle from design through deployment. We focus on automation and transparency to support rapid development and continuous integration. Our approach to information security and data protection derives from our proven expertise in securing critical applications.

ICS Secure Cloud® | Business Continuity Packages Features and Benefits:

    • Dedicated or hosted Exchange email servers
    • Designed to Protect your data and virtually eliminate down-time
    • Maximize employees productivity regardless of power and internet status in your local office network
    • Eliminate down-time from a server or desktop crash
    • Access your email, files, desktops, servers and data from anywhere and anytime
    • Active Directory integration - Our dedicated servers connect to your existing active directory
    • Secure 128-Bit SSL Communication from client office to ICS Secure Business Continuity Cloud
    • ICS Secure Cloud Remote Data Backup Service

GIS Council will Keep Your Workforce Productive During:

    • Natural disasters
    • Power failures
    • Internet outages
    • Hardware failures
    • Viruses and malware
    • Planned and unplanned IT maintenance