SDLC Compliance service

sldc Compliance Service

Organizations that incorporate security in the earliest stages of the SDLC will ultimately benefit from products and applications that are secure by design. But in order to accomplish this, they can’t wait until the software hits production to test it for vulnerabilities.


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SLDC Checklist

  • Add security to my plotline when defining stories
    and requirements.
  • Fix the common mistakes in code.
  • Cover a wide variety of input and situations during
    unit tests.
  • Combine and test individual software modules as a group
    during integration testing.
  • Expose software to normal usage scenarios and unexpected
    events during UAT.
  • Integrate development and operations activities to improve
    productivity and collaboration.
  • Identify security issues that are a product of code, production,
    and environment configuration during post-deployment
    and live testing.
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