Multifactor Authentication

GIS Council Multi-Factor Authentication helps safeguard access to data and applications and helps to meet customer demand for a simple sign-in process. Get strong authentication with a range of easy verification options—phone call, text message or mobile app notification—and allow customers to choose the method they prefer.

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ICS Secure Cloud®| Mail Security a Multilayer Defense

ICS Secure Cloud® | Mail Security is designed to review sender reputation and examine the complete context of a message not just the content. Using both the best conventional techniques and innovative context-sensitive detection technology, ICS Anti-Spam eliminates the broadest range of known and emerging email threats.

  • Mitigate threats with real-time monitoring and alerts Multi-Factor Authentication helps protect your business with security monitoring and machine-learning-based reports that identify inconsistent sign-in patterns. To help mitigate potential threats, real-time alerts notify your IT department of suspicious account credentials.
  • Deploy on-premises Use Multi-Factor Authentication Server on your premises to help secure VPNs, Active Directory Federation Services, IIS web applications, Remote Desktop and other remote access applications using RADIUS and LDAP authentication. Add an extra verification step to your cloud-based applications and services by turning on Multi-Factor Authentication in Azure Active Directory.
  • Add protection for Azure administrator accounts Multi-Factor Authentication adds a layer of security to your Azure administrator account at no additional cost. When it is turned on, you need to confirm your identity to spin up a virtual machine, manage storage or use other Azure services.
  • Build it into your applications Use the SDK and your application's existing customer database, to integrate Multi-Factor Authentication into your application’s sign-in or transaction processes.
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Benefits of Multifactor Authentication

    • Strengthens SecurityAs discussed above, the principle of MFA is that each factor compensates for the weakness of the other factors. For example, authentication factors about “something the user knows”, like passwords and pins, can be susceptible to brute-force (hackers forcing logins) or social engineering attacks. You can supplement it by adding an authentication factor that is not so easily guessed, like “something you have” by authenticating users through their mobile device or through “something you are” like a biometrics factor like fingerprint or voice. Unless the hacker has all of the factors required by the system, they will not be able to access the account.
    • A Step Towards ComplianceAside from encryption of data, a lot of compliance standards – federal, state or otherwise – usually specify that organizations need to implement MFA for certain situations. This is especially true when it comes to protecting sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII) or financial details. This means that implementing MFA is actually a step to take towards compliance.
    • Simplification of Login ProcessYou would think that having multiple authentication factors would make logging into accounts more complicated. But the added security given by MFA actually allows companies to use more advanced login options like single sign-on.
    • MFA Is an Essential Component of CybersecurityAs their number and scope continues to increase, many companies are recognizing the threat of data breaches. It is good that this year, cyber security has become a top priority for many organizations especially with the rise of cloud communications. And to address this concern, the majority of companies are implementing MFA. In fact, the multi-factor authentication (MFA) market is expected to reach USD 12.51 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.52%. This shows that a lot of organizations think that MFA is, right now, one of the best security measure you can implement to protect your company, users, and sensitive data.

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