GIS Council Cyber Forensics

Computer Forensics is a technique to examine, analyse, extract and preserve the evidence to determine or identify suspicious /fraudulent events from any particular digital storage device that can be presented in the court of law.

The GIS Council Forensic Services practice provides access to deep forensic capabilities across the globe. We provide forensic accounting, financial analysis and regulatory knowledge to companies confronting corporate investigations, litigation and regulatory enforcement challenges. We also offer guidance and assistance with complex technology challenges.

The GIS Council India forensic team has more than 1,000 person-years of experience working on diverse forensic engagement and bring myriad special skills to your door: accountants, financial analysts, technology experts, former law enforcement officials, economists, statisticians, engineers and fraud examiners.

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How We Can Help?

  • We can protect you against economic crime, financial and reputational loss

    • Secure: Combat threats to your brand and bottom line
    • Reliable: Assess global risks to your business integrity, reputation and brand
    • Enterprise Protection: Gauge potential political risks in emerging markets and new territories
    • 100% Automated: Help you navigate high-risk environments
    • Compliance: Promote ethical business practices
    • Notifications: Provide investigation support
    • Data Retention: Minimise losses from fraudulent /corrupt acts
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We can help you set a standard in regulatory compliance

  • Build productive working relationships with regulatory bodies
  • Meet domestic and international standards on compliance
  • Update, refine and streamline compliance measures
  • Meet internal and external reporting obligations
  • Address the risk of corporate and personal liabilities
  • We can help you manage crisis

      • Provide expert support, combined with prompt, critical action
      • Help differentiate between truth and rumour
      • Prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from difficult situations

    We can help you protect data

      • Reduce the risk involved in handling / managing sensitive data
      • Train your staff to handle sensitive information better
      • Protect you against cyber-attacks and security breaches
      • Help you in efficient incident handling