GIS Council Anti Piracy Investigation

With technology scaling greater heights and new products and services coming to the fore everyday,there is every chance of the same being replicated. Legal and technical knowledge, regarding these matters thus becomes important, making enforcement of intellectual property rights a necessity to establish market dominance.


Anti Piracy Investigation Features and Benefits:

    • It is well known that the relaxation of tariff barriers has increased the flow of goods from various countries into the Indian markets, thereby intensifying competition. Abuse of Intellectual Property (IP) is a massive global problem. Protection and enforcement requires a global solution. Apart from delivering qualitative products and services, it becomes necessary to protect innovations through appropriate Intellectual Property Rights tools bringing healthy competitiveness into the global market.
    • Compliance and Certs: :Tier III Certified, PCI, SSAE 16 and SOC II
    • Managed IT services, server monitoring, management and support bundled
    • Biometric security with PIN code access and locking rack enclosure
    • Free remote hands for reboots and basic level I support
    • Outside 500 year flood zone, state of the art fire suppression systems
    • True 2N Power Infrastructure
    • Utility feeds are served from diverse substations and traverse fully diverse paths
    • 2N generators feed diverse UPS \ PDUs to receive True end-to-end 2N solution
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NJ Datacenter Server Managed Collocation Key Benefits:

    • Keep your servers and network up and running 24/7/365
    • Keep your data safe & secure with state of the art physical biometric security
    • Benefit from 100MBPS latent free, redundant high speed internet access
    • Comply with PCI, SSAE 16 and SOCII requirements